True Leadership Quality

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true leadership quality

A true leadership Quality

I was late. The car wouldn’t start, there was a traffic jam, it was pouring – all this could not excuse the fact that I was late,
I had an important meeting where I was to give a presentation. All my meticulous dressing up and wearing matching accessories had
been unnecessary, I thought, as my eyes smarted from unshed which I desperately tried to contain.

Slinging my bag over my shoulders, I hurried as quickly as my dignity would allow me. I finally reached the elevators. As I pressed the button, My HOD came and stood beside me. Flustered, I looked at her, fumbling with words as I muttered all the reason for coming late.

She looked at me and just said, ‘relax, will you? The meeting hasn’t begun yet. How will you give the presentation if you’re in such a state?’

‘I’m sorry,’I mumbled again.

‘don’t apologize. Hold your head high and walk confidently into the conference hall.’

‘But… “I stammered.

‘I’m sure there was a good reason for being late. Never mind now. If you keep dwelling on that you will be shaky. It’s over.

Now you’re here and I am sure you’ll do a great job.

I realized then how easy it is to rent and rave and throw one’s weight around, pinpointing the faults of others and making them feel guilty; and how gracious it was of her to make me feel relaxed and self-assured at the crucial moments.

She had made me her ardent supporter. I understood that to be a true leader, one has to inspire ad faith in oneself, and not fear the outcome.

Needless to say, The presentation went well and when I went to thank her for her support, she said, ‘Of course, I’II support my team at all time. Besides, Its too trivial an issue to allow it to spoil the labor of several weeks, which I’m sure you put in preparing the wonderful presentation.’ It taught me that a seemingly small word can go a long way in changing the perspective of life and one small gesture of ours can be momentous for others.

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