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How to Eat an Elephant

29th November 2018

This story, which I would like to share with you, dates back to the days when I lived in Mumbai. Those were the relatively early years of my career when I was working for a major industrial house as Chief Personal Manager of one of their businesses. Although my office was located in the south Mumbai, […]

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Ten-year-old girl story – Learn Customer management skill

4th November 2018

Ten-year-old girl story – Learn Customer management skill I was in an autorickshaw with my friends – couple – we are heading towards Juhu. Under Andheri Bridge on the highway, the car stopped to turn off the signal. Almost immediately, a ten-year-old girl came to us with a cheerful smile and hazel eyes, clutching a […]

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No Traffic on The Extra Mile

21st September 2018

No Traffic on The Extra Mile The Extra Mile   When I joined a new company in August 2010, the extra mile story started. The primary reason for me was the adventure of setting up a new offshore development center. I was excited because there were my big responsibilities in the new job advertisement. I […]

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True Leadership Quality

11th September 2018

true leadership quality A true leadership Quality I was late. The car wouldn’t start, there was a traffic jam, it was pouring – all this could not excuse the fact that I was late, I had an important meeting where I was to give a presentation. All my meticulous dressing up and wearing matching accessories […]

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